Real Art GmbH
(formerly Aero Visions International Inc.)

Experimental Aircraft Consulting - Builder Assistance - Design

Real Art GmbH offers services such as:

Assistance in choosing the best aircraft and equipment to suit your needs and budget

Contracting and supervising professional outfits to quickly build a beautiful, safe high-performance plane

Customizing the aircraft with instruments and avionics, interior appointments, and paint job to your exact specifications


Real Art GmbH offers in addition to Design and Development, an all carbon composite twin-pusher high performance kit plane SkyShark TP-4


Activity Profile

The former company, Aero Visions International Inc. is a Nevada Corporation and was founded in 1992 by the designer, Jurg Sommerauer. In 2016, Aero Visions International, Inc. was transferred to Real Art GmbH, Thalwil, Switzerland, founded in 2002 by the designer as a daughter company for operations and services in Europe.

The initial goal was to provide consulting services for the design and construction of composite high performance aircraft and speed modifications, offering builder assistance. Expanding to a wide range of additional services including R&D for applied sensor technology for monitoring and control systems , and assistance for flying activities for foreign pilots at any stage of experience.



Jurg Sommerauer

Owner / President


Jurg is an avid pilot with wide experience in composite aircraft construction . He is an expert in working with civil aviation authorities such as the Swiss BAZL, the German LBA, and the Austrian BAZL as well as the experimental aircraft associations. He and his wife have built an award-winning Glasair RG, had it certified by Swiss authorities, and had it flown across the North Atlantic to the United States. He has been contracted by a Swiss Company to build a wing for extremely slow stall speed for a special project with successful results. Jurg built or assisted in projects like Glasair RG, Lancair 320, Lancair IVP, Swift, Long EZ, Vary EZ, etc.. Currently, Jurg is designing an all carbon composite twin-pusher high performance kit plane. Jurg is president and owner of AVI and directs R & D of AVI and EZE Instruments.

Beate Sommerauer


Beate is also an avid pilot preferring bigger planes. She has experience in travel organization for European pilots (and passengers) flying in USA . Beate is director of the travel department.

Mike Abdo

Currently freelancing

Mike is an ATP and flight instructor with over 20 years and way over 10000 hours of flying experience, including over 100 Atlantic crossings in light aircraft. Mike is director for flight operations.Total Atlantic crossings -- 107
Type ratings: BE300/350; LR 20, 30, 50; CE500; HS125
Total time: over 14,000 hours
Current CFI - IASME
Currently captain on Hawker 800XP
Held positions as FAR 135 company flight instructor and check airman

Max Faiz

Director of Marketing / Logistics

Max loves challenges and therefore I enjoy projects that test one’s character. This is most rewarding when the project is done in the most efficient fashion. He founded 'Comet Enterprises, Inc.', a start-up company, where he is still VP of Operations, Before he was district sales/service manager and before applications engineer for IOMEGA. His education includes Mathematics, Electronic Engineering / Computer Science. He loves flying ... naturally!

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Real Art GmbH, Div. Aero Ventures
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Real Art GmbH, Div. Aero Ventures
Gotthardstr. 23
CH-8800 Thalwil,

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