SkyShark project (twin engine four seat all carbon composite kit plane) - Invitation for investors

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Project SkyShark - Invitation for Investors

The business plan covers detailed information for the development and subsequent production of an advanced twin engine four-place kit plane, conceptually designed by the writer in 1994 based on a three-Lifting-Surface concept. The design layout and preliminary design criteria are determined. Detail design is well advanced and will be continued with securing of capital.

The aggressive and ambitious business plan projects a development phase including construction of a production prototype in a time period of two and a half years. Total investment necessary for this phase is US $ 2'500'000.-. The subsequent production with four kit planes projected per month offers immediate return of the investment. At a conservative target of 264 kits in a period of four years, the expected net return is over US $8’000'000.- including amortization of the investment capital over a four year production period.

We are currently inviting investors for providing and securing the necessary capital before start of the operation with the detail engineering. The writer is open for any business relationship and options, however, the designer will by all means be in charge of the technical and logistic part of the project as the sole project director.

Time is of the essence. Desired and projected start, originally by January 1995, is subject to serious offers which shall be addressed directly to the writer.

The project documents will be handed out only by signing the Confidentiality Agreement enclosed. The current version of the document is printed on each page for reference. Since design analysis for refinement of the design criteria are an on-going process, updates of the documents are issued as needed and will be handed out on request.

We appreciate very much your interest in this exciting and financially highly prospective project and we are looking forward to hear from you soon.


Dr. Jürg Sommerauer
Aero Visions International, Inc.

Thank you!
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