Jurg Sommerauer

Jurg is an avid pilot with wide experience in composite aircraft construction . He and his wife have built an award-winning Glasair RG, had it certified by Swiss authorities, and had it flown across the North Atlantic to the United States. He has been contracted by a Swiss Company to build a wing for extremely slow stall speed for a special project with successful results. Jurg built or assisted in projects like Glasair RG, Lancair 320, Lancair IVP, Swift, Long EZ, Vary EZ, Nemesis NXT – WrightFlyer101, etc. Currently, Jurg is designing an all carbon composite twin-pusher high performance kit plane. Jurg is president and owner of Real Art GmbH (formerly Aero Visions Intl, Inc.) and directs R & D. Current projects designs include high-intensity LED landing and taxi lights for fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters in partnership with XeVision®, Ogden, USA.